Griner Engineering, Inc.
Griner Engineering, Inc.
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Griner Engineering History

Griner Engineering founded to meet demand of aircraft industry for low volume small parts welding and machining.

Expanded into screw machining and CNC machining to meet local demand for low cost turned metal parts.

Expanded into Hydromat machining to meet demand of auto industry for very high precision turned metal parts with world class pricing.

Expanded into 16 station Hydromat machining to meet market need and focused company more on high precision/high volume automotive parts.

Added additional production capability's to meet customer needs Precision multiple spindle machining (Euroturn) CNC OD grinding, Honing, Multiple diameter centerless grinding Developed cold forming capability QS 9000 certification

Developed a plant in San Luis Potosi Mexico to service a specific customer's requirements.

Began development of CNC "work cell" departments and CNC low volume Hydromats

Added Mectron high speed automatic inspection equipment and Flow CNC waterjet deburring and machining equipment